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Jérémie Jobard

From Paris to Salzburg...

Originally from Paris, Jérémie is a young, experienced French Chef with a very unique career.

It was probably his appetite that lead Jérémie to the kitchen, but it was definitely his childhood memories from his grandparents' farm and this first contact with fresh products that awoke his culinary calling.

Jérémie started cooking seriously in 2006 as an apprentice with Eric Thore, the chef-owner of the "Gibraltar", a gourmet restaurant in the Parisian suburbs. He's the responsible Chef for the passion that is driving Jérémie until today. Later he opened him the doors of the mythical "Ritz Paris Hotel".


This is where Jérémie will practice his skills for several years alongside the two chefs Michael Roth & Arnaud Faye, both holding the title of 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France'. There he discovered the very high level cuisine working at "L'Espadon" the two michelin stars restaurant of the Ritz.

In 2013 Jérémie returned to France and launched the project “La Gaule à Vélo”, a gastronomic cycling “Tour de France” which he pursued for four years during the summers. This adventure will take him all over the country with the intention to meet the greatest chefs, winemakers, producers and craftsmen of France. Such a Chef’s pilgrimage was what he had always dreamed of.

During the winter periods of his “Tour de France”, Jérémie was the Head Chef at “La Ferme du Chozal”, a local gourmet restaurant in a charming 4 star Hotel in Savoy. Through the contact with local producers and the free rein that was given to him he will develop his own personal cooking style.

In the summer of 2018 a new chapter with a new gastronomic project called “La TransAlpine” awaited Jérémie. He cycled over the European Alps from Lyon (France) to Budapest (Hungary)  to discover the food cultures of Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary. This journey will guide his path in the direction of Salzburg in the future.

After this dream period for a young cook, Jérémie wanted to become more versatile and gain more experiences in his job. That's why for the following years he will try out different types of cuisine in other Michelin-starred restaurants, bistros and catering establishments in the French capital

In the year of 2010 he started a culinary journey around the world. In New Zealand where Jérémie created the concept of “A French Chef at Home” for the first time with great success. In Switzerland where he cooked in the famous luxury hotel “La Réserve Genève”. But also South & Central America, Southeast Asia among others countries where he will discover other captivating food cultures.

Constantly looking for original challenges, in the spring of 2019 Jérémie joined the crew of the French company "Latitude Blanche" on their ship “Polarfront” over the arctic cycle. This Head Chef experience on an expedition ship offering exquisite food to their guests in an unique environment, will have a profound impact on him. 

On his last journey through Europe “La TransAlpine” Jérémie has met his love and to continue a life together his roots settled in Salzburg. Salzburg is also the perfect location for him to discover the Austrian food culture and a new language while maintaining proximity with nature and his beloved alps. 

He posed himself the question of what the next chapter of his gastronomic journey could be in Salzburg

The answer : a French Chef at Home !

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